Devblog #2

Most of the devblogs are about adding features, new models etc… Weeeelll – This one will be kind of reverse one.

As you could see, I was inactive on Twitter because I’ve got a lot of school projects to do, tests etc… The thing is, this project was meant to be VERY simple – so I started working on it with that thought. The problem is, that I started adding more complex features into the game and the initial code wasn’t prepared for that, so I spent most of the time just reworking a lot of code.

So I’ve got a shower thought (no joking) that I need to rework/delete some things from the game.

This is a list of things that I plan to rework/delete and keep:


  1. IAP (Second currency etc..) – I never wanted this game to be P2W, I just wanted a second currency for players to be able to buy cosmetic things – making skins would just consume time that I don’t have, I want more gameplay than skins. (If I decide to add skins later, they will be free) – DELETE
  2. Stages – This doesn’t work with the game concept, this was made mostly just to “simulate” the feel of distance. –DELETE
  3. Upgrade system – At first it was just a simple upgrade system, but it was too boring. So I’m changing it to Item + upgrade system – that means the player can now buy items with various rank (1-5 stars) and at the same time upgrade the crew of the ship for : Engine power, Fuel consumption, Fuel capacity, Ship stability(NEW), Idle coin earning(NEW). – REWORK       
  4. Earning coins – So at first earing coins was too easy, you just flew your ship and each +- 100 meters you got a coin. The 100 meter reward will stay, but it’ll change to XP earning, about XP I’ll write later in the post. Now the coin earning system is REWORKED – at random rate and time, a coin will spawn and the player needs to catch it, there’ll be more things related to that.


  1. XP system – The player will earn 1xp every 100 reached meters, the level system will rise exponentially (starting at 1xp to level 2)
  2. Ship stability  – To make the gameplay more challenging, the player needs to control the ship using the phone accelerometer – I’ll write about this feature later, it’s in very early stage of development.


Right now, this are my plans for the development and I hope that you’ll like the changes.

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