Devblog #1



Hi, so in this first devblog I want to talk about the progress in developing Mission Universe since the start.

As some of you know, I had to stop the development of WorldHunters because it was a very big project and later I was the only person working on it, but I’ll talk about WorldHunters sometimes in the future. Mission Universe started as a very simple idea – upgrade your rocket to fly as higher as you can.

First 2D ship placeholder

So I started working on it, first the game was only 2D, but that wasn’t the right thing (according to a friend) – but I was like nah, it’ll be 2D!

After a few hours of work

So I decided to add some statistics, like fuel capacity, high score (maximum distance) and later speed.

First 3D placeholder ship – created by Poly by Google

My friend conviced me to at least try the 3D, so I added some rotation, effects like smoke from the ship, oh and the motion tracking distance.

Everyting was great until ehm, the Unity’s floating point kicked in and the game went crazy after some distance. Yes I know, should think about that earlier, well, lesson learned and I had to start rewriting the whole game. To this day I’m still not satisfied with the new flying system and it still needs a lot of tweaking.

Meanwhile I started working on the 3D model of the starter ship, I still don’t have time to make textures and skins for it but sooner or later I’ll make them, but right now it’s not even a priority.

Right now I’ve 3 priorities:

  1. Finish the upgrade system – actually the system for it is ready, I just need to fix some bugs and add the items.
  2. Finish the flying sytem – the problem is, it’s already working(apart from the speed meter) but I don’t have the feeling of acceleration from it.
  3. Interaction – I’ll talk about this in the next devblog because it’s still only in my head so, it can and will be changed many times.

The next few days (maybe weeks) will be slower because I still got some assignments from school to do and I want to finish the main InCreads web.

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